These insights are gateways to what you might need for the personal and business aspects of your life.

Because we are all different, needs and situations vary, therefore, some of these ideas will mean more to you tomorrow than they do today.

Look through the batch and find a handful that sound “right” and sensible to you. Then develop your own ways to integrate the idea into your approach for business.

Couple these ideas with your own experience, knowledge and inner resources.  That is a great way to leverage what you already have.

My hope is that you will find several to help you move forward.

Richard L Reardon

Table of Contents

  1. What do you really want?
  2. Why practice putting your self first
  3. Good people get stuck in the past
  4. How the law of expectation affects you
  5. What is a purpose driven business?
  6. Invisible blocks to growth
  7. Anticipate your next steps
  8. Make up your mind
  9. How to keep the big picture in full view
  10. Maintain long term progress
  11. What is the leader’s mission?
  12. Stay alert to your priorities
  13. How raising your standards will make a difference
  14. Why you should expect the best
  15. Why individual strengths matter
  16. Self set goals and how to use them
  17. If you want a change, get up-front input
  18. Want a change? Start today!
  19. Plans are good, but execution is better
  20. Simplify feedback on performance
  21. How to increase the odds for a successful project – every time
  22. Sales force upgrade – a six month process
  23. How unnecessary and unwanted delay slides in over and over
  24. Major accounts – what else can you do?

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