Be part of a group that seeks to be the best at what they do – learning and creating new ideas. 

This roundtable is created to bring together a group of like minded people who share these interests:

  • Develop new ideas that directly address business and  personal success
  • Find new answers to overcome challenges and achieve goals
  • Explore and create approaches to Change and Innovation

 Topics are decided as we go, and your questions and ideas are always welcomed. Everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas and topics for discussion.

Some topics will appeal to you more than others. You may respond or not depending on what strikes your interest.  Although it is encouraged, it is not necessary to attend every call.

Your presence is a great way to join others who are eager to improve and are looking for new ways to create value.

Group members will receive plenty of feedback on results as we proceed.

If you find the above of interest, I hope that you will join.

The group meets twice each month by telephone on an on-going basis. Each call runs  45 to 60 minutes.  All calls are hosted by me.

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